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Our History
Established in 1988, Hy-Lite Products revolutionized the privacy window market by introducing pre-framed acrylic block windows as an alternative to old-fashioned glass block. Lighter and easier to install than traditional glass block, Hy-Lite's acrylic block windows eliminated the mortar, mess, and time-consuming labor of old-fashioned glass block masonry window applications.

In 1996, U S Block Windows, Inc. was founded, further modernizing the privacy window market by introducing impact-modified acrylic blocks as well as cut-to-size and fully operable acrylic block windows. Winning a Crystal Achievement Award in 2001 for its revolutionary acrylic block single hung and acrylic block slider, U S Block Windows, Inc. proudly led the block window market into the 21st century with its many unique patents and groundbreaking innovation.

On March 30, 2009, U S Block Windows, Inc. acquired the assets of Hy-Lite Products and now proudly manufactures the nation's most robust line of privacy window products as
Hy-Lite®, a U.S. Block Windows Company.

About Acrylic Block
Acrylic Block Windows protect your privacy without the sacrifice of valuable natural light.

Hy-Lite offers a comprehensive line of acrylic block windows for new construction and custom replacement applications. These eye-catching privacy windows feature energy-efficient all-vinyl or thermally-broken aluminum frames, and may be ordered in fixed, operable, and special-shaped styles.

Some additional advantages of acrylic block windows include:
  • Double- or triple-paned blocks for enhanced energy efficiency
  • All windows are pre-framed for easy installation
  • Privacy patterns in the blocks eliminate the need for costly window treatments
  • Operable window options for fresh air
  • 70% lighter than traditional glass block windows
  • 33% more energy efficient than traditional glass block windows
  • Fast lead times - as few as 2 business days on Quick ShipSM selections
  • Backed by a limited 5 - Year or Lifetime Warranty

Energy efficient upgrade options are also available, and are Energy Star - Qualified in most areas of the United States.

Choose from a wide variety of standard shapes and sizes or have your own custom design manufactured to virtually any height, width and shape you desire.

Casements and Awnings
Privacy with a Breeze

Hy-Lite's patented casement and awning windows offer the look of traditional glass block with the modern convenience of fresh air operability.

Acrylic Block Awnings hinge at the top and crank out from the bottom, while Acrylic Block Casements hinge at one side and crank out from the other. Twin casements are also available with arch top or radius top designs as seen at right.

All windows are pre-framed and ready to install for new construction or custom-sized retrofit applications. Latches and screens are also included with each window.

Many acrylic block window sizes meet state or local egress codes. Check with your local building inspector to verify your egress requirements before ordering.

Casement and Awning windows with E3 SunBlock are Energy Star Qualified in most areas of the country.

Single Hungs and Sliders
A Crystal Achievement Award Winner!

Available exclusively from Hy-Lite, acrylic block single hung and slider windows are a unique and stylish alternative to traditional single- and double hung windows.

Ideal for a guest bath, the laundry room, kitchen or garage, these highly functional windows provide light and fresh air while protecting your privacy.

Acrylic Block Single Hung Windows feature a fixed sash at the top and an operable tilt-sash at the bottom that slides up and down. Acrylic Block Slider Windows feature a fixed sash at one side and an operable sash at the other that slides left and right.

Choose from dozens of standard sizes or have Hy-Lite custom-build a window to your exact specifications.

Basement Windows
Basement Hoppers

Acrylic Block Basement Hoppers from Hy-Lite provide privacy and fresh air to basements, which require maximum ventilation. Ideal for homeowners who desire the look of traditional glass block but demand the modern convenience of fresh air, these acrylic block basement hoppers are available in both new construction and custom-sized replacement applications.

Build your own Basement Hopper window online now

In-Swing Egress Windows

Hy-Lite's Acrylic Block In-Swing Egress Windows create a warm, light-filled atmosphere while obscuring the unsightly view of required window wells.

Standard sizes for new construction are available as well as custom-made windows for retrofit applications.

Please check with your local or state egress opening requirements before ordering.

Dryer Vents

Dryer vents are available for our fixed basement windows and may be used with 6" or 8" acrylic blocks.

Architectural Shapes
Our square blocks just got a little hipper

Architectural Shaped Windows from Hy-Lite create elegant dramatic accents in both new and existing openings.

Special shape options include:
  • Arch Tops
  • Round Tops
  • Octagons
  • Circles, Half Circles & Quarter Circles
  • Stair Steps
  • Western Stars
  • Triangles and More
With the ability to custom-fit virtually any radius or special shape, Hy-Lite is the ideal solution to even the most challenging opening.

Fixed Picture Windows

It's a Matter of Privacy!

Acrylic Block Fixed Picture Windows eliminate the need for costly, cluttered window treatments while providing the desired amount of privacy and natural light.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, Hy-Lite's fixed picture windows make rooms of all kinds feel bigger, lighter, and more inviting -- including Sun Rooms!

Choose from hundreds of standard sizes in new construction or order a special size custom made in a replacement style frame to fit your exact opening.

Replacement Windows
Because One Size Never Fits All

Hy-Lite has developed the unique technology to custom cut acrylic block windows into virtually any size and shape, making it easier than ever to create the styles of your dreams.

To custom-size an acrylic block window, we first assemble a panel of acrylic blocks in the color and style of your choice. We then cut the perimeter blocks in a symmetrical fashion and triple seal the panel. The custom panel is glazed into your selected frame type and is then shipped ready to install.

Choose a simple fixed-style window or get even more creative with a custom-sized operable window. Casements, awnings, single hungs, sliders, and even basement hoppers can all be custom-sized.

From traditional accents to bold, innovative designs, Hy-Lite can help bring your imaginative concepts to life.

Energy Efficiency Options
Be Kind to the Earth as Well as your Energy Bills

Hy-Lite's three energy-efficiency options give you the decorative sparkle of designer windows while providing you with the energy efficiency of a modern Low-E window.

Limits solar heat gain through tinted UV inhibitors in the resin. Ideal for warm climates.

E3 Triple Glaze
Increases insulative power with an extra panel of acrylic in the center of each block. Available in both Wave and Glacier styles. Ideal for cool climates.

E3 SunBlock
Combines the solar heat reduction of SunBlock with the insulative power of E3 Triple Glaze, providing the most energy efficient acrylic block to date. Ideal for all climates, and Energy Star®-qualified in most areas of the U.S.

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