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 Andersen vs Weather Shield 

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Anderson is known as one of the best marketing companies in America that happens to sell windows. The reason we used the Anderson 400 series tilt-wash in our comparison is because it is the most popular unit they have. When I am asked how does a Weather Shield window compare to Andersen; I would ask the following question in response.  What was it about the Andersen product that made you want it in the first place and what specific model were you referring to? Ninety nine percent of the time people did not know why they wanted the product and did not know which model they wanted to compare it to. The only reason they ask is because they have heard of it through advertising. Anderson windows is like the ivory soap of the window business. Andersen has been in business since 1903 and has done an excellent job of promoting their product.  Should your decision on a large purchase for your home be solely based on whether you heard of a product or not?  Solely basing your decision on hearing of a product should not be the only criteria on which to make a large purchase for your home. A thorough investigation including comparing the product side by side would make more sense. This process would lead one to making an educated decision. There are other manufactures like Weather Shield who has been around since 1955 that take a different path. Andersen relies on name brand recognition while Weather Shield’s forte is the product itself, its quality, the materials, the design, innovation, overall performance and warranty. You're probably thinking that the Weather Shield unit is much more expensive, its not , it is typically within + or - a few percent the cost of the Andersen. After seeing the comparison do you think you are getting the best value for your dollar or are you paying for advertising? Which would you rather invest in? 

Andersen Windows and Doors vs Weather Shield Windows and Doors:

400 series Andersen tilt wash Double hung – Signature Series Double Hung

Performance data comparison


U-factor: Lower number indicates better thermal performance

Andersen varies by options / glass package

Weather shield varies by options / glass package and is comparable or better depending on glass package selected

(see thermal data sheets below for specific ratings)


Design Pressure Rating: Higher number indicates stronger window

(performance without added options)

Andersen- LC-PG30  (approx. able to withstand 131mph)

Weather Shield – LC-PG50-H  (approx. able to withstand 173mph)

(for more information see design pressure pdf below)


Air Infiltration: Lower number indicates less drafts

Andersen -air infiltration <0.30 cfm

(this is the maximum amount allowable before the window fails the test)

Weather Shield - air infiltration 0.12 cfm

(for more information see air infiltration pdf below)



Andersen: 20-years glass / 10 years parts frame finish

Weather shield: 20-year glass,  parts,  frame finish / 30-year wood rot

(for more information see warranty pdf below)


Exterior Material:

Andersen: vinyl clad frame, vinyl glazing bead, fibrex sill, painted wood sash

Weather Shield: extruded aluminum clad with AAMA 2605 finish


click here for more information to learn about AAMA 2605 finish


AAMA 2605 is the high-performance exterior specification. A paint meeting this specification would be a 70% fluoropolymer resin-based coating (Kynar 500). These finishes exhibit outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss and chemicals. An application for this finish would include monumental architectural projects and projects that require long-lasting aluminum surfaces.


Balance System: 

Andersen- AAMA class 2 block and tackle balance

(main component holding the weight is nylon string)

Weather Shield- AAMA class 3 symmetry balance system

(main component holding the weight is stainless steel)


(see pdf below for more information)


Andersen AAMA Class 1 or 2 (depending on application)

(main component holding the weight is nylon string)

Weather Shield = AAMA Class 3

(main component holding the weight is stainless steel)

Class 1 = 70% MAF Manual applied force   (sash = 20 lbs. effort = 14 lbs.)

Balance provides 30% lift

Class 2 = 60% MAF

Class 3 = 50% MAF (sash = 20 lbs. effort = 10 lbs.)  

Balance provides a minimum of 50% lift assistance, we often do better.


In actual practice, the sash operating force difference is usually even greater than this.  And the subjective "feel" is more dramatic in a comparison. Especially with the elimination of the common B&T tendency to build up force on extension (closing the sash).


In Summary - The "Better" features of Symmetry Balance System


1.    Lower sash operating forces (all the reasons above).  (Lower internal balance friction, triple the weight targeting ability)

2.    Quiet

3.    Fewer moving parts, lifetime lubrication

4.    Stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance.


Nail fin:

Andersen – add on vinyl strip (prone to water / air infiltration if handled poorly)

Weather Shield – (integrated) designed into the construction not an add on piece 




Andersen 400:

7 exterior colors

1 choice of wood species: Pine

Painted white / black / bronze interior

2 jamb options (white / grey)

2 hardware style (lift handle available)

12 hardware finish choices

3 choices for grid type (snap-in / gbg / sdl)

6 choices of high-performance glass packages

2 screen mesh options

Exterior flat casing available in different sizes with head trim profile


Weather Shield Signature Series:

12 exterior colors

3 Interior wood species: Pine / mixed grain fir / character alder

9 choices for interior molding

Clear coated interior or 4 stain options

Primed / painted white or black interior

3 jamb options (white / tan / wood)

6 hardware finish choices

2 styles of hardware (lift handle available)

4 exterior casing options w/ 3 sub-sills

9 choices for interior molding

5 choices of high-performance glass packages

2 choices for tinted glass (grey / bronze)

3 choices for obscure glass (obscure / rain / satin etch)

3 choices for grid type (snap-in / gbg / sdl)

2 screen mesh options







Lisec Glass Machine
Adobe Acrobat document [4.2 MB]
Weather Shield Warranty
Adobe Acrobat document [135.8 KB]
Andersen Warranty
Adobe Acrobat document [263.5 KB]
Andersen CAD drawing
Adobe Acrobat document [316.9 KB]
Weather Shield CAD drawing
PDF File [349.7 KB]
Andersen design pressure / air infiltration
Adobe Acrobat document [382.7 KB]
Weather Shield design pressure / air infiltration
Adobe Acrobat document [22.3 KB]
Andersen thermal data
Adobe Acrobat document [20.9 MB]
Weather Shield thermal data
Adobe Acrobat document [91.4 KB]
Weather Shield Balance System information
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]
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