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T.T.P. True Thermal Performance

T.T.P. is a measurement that helps consumers accurately evaluate window design and performance. This number includes both the U-factor and the Air Infiltration rating. This combination helps reveal real world performance. After a window is tested for thermal efficiency a number is assigned called “the U-factor”. The lower the number the less heat can be transferred through the window. A window with a good rating will help save on heating and air conditioning costs. Unfortunately the product is tested without any wind. Do you know of any one that lives in a house that never experiences wind? A separate test is then performed for Air infiltration. This number reveals how much cold air per minute would enter your home with a 25 mph wind. Multiply the U-factor by the Air infiltration to get the T.T.P. It’s similar to getting a combined mile per gallon rating on a vehicle, but in this case…

The lower the number the better the performance.


The Soft-lite Imperial LS double hung is more than 19x’s better

than the least efficient window on this list.

(Soft-lite .0034 T.T.P. compared to Andersen .0667 T.T.P.)


The lower the number the better the performance.


Why is the issue air infiltration so important?

Poorly designed windows don’t have built-in interlocks, weather stripping, and barriers necessary to keep cold air from forcing its way into your home. Without these design features air will push between the sash meeting rails and around the sash perimeter where it meets the frame and sill. We know how uncomfortable a home with drafty windows can be. One of our new products is the Imperial LS from Soft-lite windows. It performs 11 times better than the industry standard. The industry standard is .30 cubic feet per minute which is about 288 oz of air leaking into the house per minute! The Imperial LS is .02 cubic feet per minute which is about 1/15th that amount. The Imperial LS window has special weather barriers that goes far beyond the industry standard and other manufacturer’s window designs. Before investing in new windows always compare the air infiltration ratings. Here are some facts you should know. The lower the cubic feet per minute rating, the less outside air will leak into you home, the more comfortable your home will be with fewer drafts. This also means the less your furnace and air conditioner will run and the more money you’ll save.


All data is shown with the best possible U-factor’s available on double hungs; some of these numbers come from optional glass packages. The air infiltration is what would be standard and can not be upgraded. When a manufacturer lists different air infiltration numbers the average air infiltration is listed. All data was taken as of 2011.


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