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The History and Conncetion of Certainteed, Simonton, and Wincore:


Going back to the early 1990’s; we were selling Certainteed windows. These Windows were rated number one by Consumer Reports in the October 1993 issue. Even though they were rated number one they still had many issues. These issues actually appeared in the test results of Consumer Reports. Foot notes E, and F, noted that the glass seal failed and the sashes bowed allowing water and air to infiltrate. We were noticing the same issues when customers called us asking for help to resolve their problems. This became very apparent when the same problems were occurring continually. The interesting thing is that Certainteed windows were not fabricated by Certainteed. All they manufactured were the parts; these parts were then shipped to other licensed manufacturers to do the final assembly. Simonton Windows at the time was the largest of these fabricators, located in West Virginia. They knew of the problems and presented improvements to be made to Certainteed. Certainteed declined and the two companies parted ways. Soon after we were approached by Simonton Windows, at first we declined their offer. Then we later brought their product line on. We saw that they had fixed all the problems the Certainteed windows were having. When customers came in asking for Certainteed windows we explained the problems we had with the Certainteed’s products. We then showed them the new and improved Simonton. We also explained, that we were trying to help them to avoid having unhappy customers. This was the correct decision for us, as we became the single largest Simonton dealer in the country. Along with us and the help of other customers, Simonton Windows grew from around 30 million in sales to over 500 million by 2006. Unfortunately Simonton was sold to Fortune Brands in 2006. Fortune Brands is a publicly owned company, they are a conglomerate of many companies, such as Therma Tru doors, Moen faucets, Jim beam liquor, Pinnacle Golf etc. After the acquisition, Fortune brands brought in their own management team, and in turn laid off all the key executives that ran Simonton Windows. These key executives teamed up with Mr. Simonton himself and formed Wincore Windows. Wincore Windows approached us to switch our sales to them. We declined at first. We stayed with Simonton for three more years. During this time we saw a very large increase in service calls we had to fix. Three main areas continuously came up. Windows leaking air, leaking water and not locking. We tried working with them to make changes that would fix the problems; little did we know that Wincore already had this figured out. By 2009 it became to much for us to handle, we had 5 service team members devoting all there time to fixing Simonton windows. We also noticed that there were many previous Simonton customers switching to Wincore, such as Sears. They switched because of service call problems, and were much happier with Wincore. We finally made the switch to Wincore Windows and haven’t looked back. We are now down to two service teams members, and all the problems we were having with Simonton are now gone. We experenced the same situation we had with Certainteed and Simonton as we now have with Simonton and Wincore. Certainteed had design problems they were unwilling to fix, and Simonton fixed them, Simonton after being sold  had design flaws (also being unwilling to fix their problems) and Wincore fixed them. Please understand that we have always sold other companies and still do today. This letter is written to explain the decision we made to sell Wincore Windows instead of Simonton Windows and why. I hope you can understand that we have your best interest in mind, and that we want to provide you with the best quality we can. To hold true to our integrity we had to switch to Wincore over Simonton. Wincore products have more added features and benefits, and better warranties. Since Simonton was sold to Fortune brands they have been opening new customers at an alarming rate. Now you can find them almost everywhere. Which doesn’t help differentiate you from your competition. Be unique, and stand out, your customers will thank you for offering them a better product. We have the Simonton side by side to the Wincore at our large showroom in Farmingdale, come down or send your customer to see a comparison. This way you can see for yourself why the Wincore is better.

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