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Kolbe Ultra Series
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Kolbe Heritage Series
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Ultra Series:

The Ultra Series includes many product types, models & options. Extruded aluminum accessories recreate the traditional appearance of wood. Architectural detail, functionality, & performance make Ultra Series products ideal for both commercial & residential projects, whether new construction or renovation.



  • Pine or Other Wood Species
  • 10+ Finish Options


  • Extruded Aluminum Clad
  • 35+ Exterior Colors
  • 30-Yr Ext Finish Warranty


  • Double Pane Glass
  • Triple Pane on Select Units
  • LoE Coating + Argon Gas
  • Options Available

 Other Options

  • Impact Performance
  • FSC COC Certified Wood

Heritage Series:

The Heritage Series are traditional wood windows & doors with beautiful wood accessory options. Many product types, models & options make Heritage Series products ideal for both commercial & residential projects, whether new construction or renovation. Architectural craftsmanship, functionality, & energy efficiency are built into these premium quality windows and doors.



  • Pine or Other Wood Species
  • 10+ Finish Options


  • Primer or K-Kron II on Wood
  • 30+ Exterior Colors
  • 10-Yr Ext Finish Warranty*


  • Double Pane Glass
  • Triple Pane on Select Units
  • LoE Coating + Argon Gas
  • Options Available

 Other Options

  • Impact Performance
  • FSC COC Certified Wood

Classic Series:

Classic Series products emphasize simplicity with a streamlined appearance. The exterior is protected by low maintenance aluminum cladding with a durable polyester finish. They are perfect for new construction, yet offer replacement kits as well. Vinyl nailing fins aid installation on most Classic Series products.


  • Pine or Other Wood Species
  • 10+ Finish Options


  • Roll-Formed Aluminum Clad
  • Four Classic Exterior Colors
  • 20-Yr Ext Finish Warranty*


  • Double Pane Glass
  • LoE Coating + Argon Gas
  • Options Available

Latitude Series:

Latitude® Series offer classic elegance similar to wood windows & doors, as well as the modern convenience & energy efficiency of all-vinyl windows and doors. With impressive finish options, they are perfect for new construction or renovation, with replacement units to match.

Interior & Exterior: Vinyl

  • Interior Wood Look Options
  • 20+ Exterior Colors
  • 10-Yr Ext Finish Warranty*


  • Double Pane Insulating Glass Standard
  • Triple Pane Glass Option on Windows
  • LoE Coating + Argon Gas

Windquest Series:

Windquest® Series vinyl windows & patio doors are designed to meet very specific needs. Impact performance units are designed for coastal areas. High performance units are built and tested to offer optimal design pressure ratings. Energy performance units have triple pane glass to meet or exceed strict energy efficiency requirements.

Interior & Exterior: Vinyl

  • 20+ Exterior Colors
  • 10-Yr Ltd Ext Finish Warranty

Impact Performance Products

  • Meet Requirements of Category 4 Hurricanes in Zones 3 & 4
  • Withstand "Missile D" Impact Testing
  • Meet HVHZ Requirement for Zone 4
  • Meet Miami-Dade NOA (white products only)
  • Have Double Pane Insulating Glass with LoE²-270 & Argon Gas
  • Have Impact Glass with a Laminated Interlayer that holds Broken Glass

High Performance Products

  • Double Pane Glass
  • LoE²-270 + Argon Gas
  • Built for & Tested for Optimal Design Pressure Ratings
  • Excellent for Commercial Projects

Energy Performance Products

  • Triple Pane Glass
  • LoE²-270, LoE²-180 + Argon Gas
  • Most units meet R5
  • Most units meet DP50
  • Max. air infiltration only .01 cu. ft./min.
    (30 times better than industry standard)



Prepare Your Home or Business for Hurricane Season

Hurricane force winds can wreak havoc on coastal communities and result in massive devastation. Kolbe understands the need for protection against these harsh environmental conditions.K-Force®impact products are specially designed with the strength and durability to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris. Windows and doors are tested extensively to meet or exceed the strict building codes of the coastal region.

What makesK-Forceimpact products stand out from the rest?K-Forceimpact products have the same beautiful appearance for which Kolbe windows and doors are known. No unsightly brackets or visible rods holding the sash in place. No extra locks to fasten in order for the units to be at the highest performance against the elements.

  • Ultra Series Sterling double hung windows have achieved HVHZ and IPD4
  • Same beautiful appearance as non-impact products
  • Several products meet the more rigorous Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance requirements
  • Insulated laminated glazing systems offer security and energy efficiency

Kolbe Products for Historical Construction Projects:

  • High end windows and doors with attention to the intricate details
  • Products designed to provide traditional design aesthetics, ease of operation and optimal energy efficiency
  • Numerous options to further restore the beauty of your project, including custom wood species, historical casing, and numerous divided lite possibilities

Kolbe windows and doors can help bring a historic building back to a state of beauty.  Our products start with the finest materials and are crafted with the utmost attention to detail.  We're known worldwide for our custom capabilities and have worked with many architects to build unique windows and doors.  If your project involves historic renovation, Kolbe can replicate the most intricate detail.

Kolbe's Old World Classic double hung is the perfect window for historic renovation.  A brass pully system, complete with solid brass chains and alloyed weights, allows this unit to operate with incredible ease, due to the proportionate balance between the sash and weights.  These units are custom-built for each project and are available in numerous wood species.

The Ogee Direct Set window was designed with the same traditional details that adorned commercial storefronts of the past, but with all the latest technology to make it perfect for today's restoration projects.  The ogee profile is integrated directly into the heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame - adding a new dimension to a window that is built with great strength.

Kolbe's Sterling double hung window is designed with traditional aesthetics and easy of operation in mind.  The jambliners and block-and-tackle balances that help the window operate are completely concealed, providing a smooth interior and exterior appearance.


Kolbe Welcomes Requests for Custom Windows and Doors, such as:

  • Various shapes, sizes & mulled configurations
  • Custom operation and/or hardware
  • Unique divided lite bar patterns & widths
  • Special interior wood species & exterior colors
  • Copper cladding on exterior
  • Colored glass, finely crafted glass, caming, etching

Craftsmanship and artistry are hallmarks of Kolbe products. We build innovative windows and doors with a wide array of options. But, don't let the standard options limit your imagination.

At Kolbe, we love a good challenge. We welcome projects that require special wood species, custom divided lite patterns, unique shapes, custom finish colors, unusual mulling configurations – you dream it, we'll build it. We can even help inspire and develop your designs. Whatever the opening, we will help you fill it with style. 

The sky's the limit! Ask your Kolbe representative, and see the difference quality makes in your one-of-a-kind project.

Kolbe Products for Residential Construction:

  • High end windows and doors for new home construction or replacement projects
  • Custom options can meet aesthetic, accessible design, impact needs and more 
  • Energy efficient products save money on heating & cooling costs; many meet tax credit requirements

Kolbe windows and doors begin with the finest materials. They are crafted with attention to detail and thoughtful engineering – making them a perfect choice for any home or residential project.

Years of innovation have led to products with great design flexibility. Optional accessories can be used to enhance any home – from contemporary to colonial, to rustic and more. Special wood species, unique divided lite patterns, custom shapes, and a wide variety of exterior finishes are just the beginning.

Plus, Kolbe products are rigorously tested to exceed industry standards for energy efficiency and performance. Kolbe's superior construction means you'll see the difference quality makes in your home or residential project

Kolbe Windows and Doors for Commercial Construction:

  • High-end wood, aluminum clad, and vinyl windows and doors for new construction, historic replication, restoration, or renovation projects
  • Custom, built-to-order products can meet accessible design requirements and ease-of-operation needs
  • K-Force upgrades to meet impact certification, or specific products to meet design pressure requirements
  • Optimal energy efficient products save money on heating & cooling, helping businesses control costs
  • Assistance with LEED, green-build, and sustainable project needs
  • FSC-certified wood available for many of our products

Kolbe windows and doors are the perfect choice for virtually any type of commercial or non-residentialproject, whether it involves new construction, historic replication or restoration. Our products start with the finest materials and are crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Each window and door is built-to-order and uniquely crafted to our customers' specifications. Our window and door products are designed to provide not only traditional design aesthetics, but also ease of operation and optimal energy efficiency.

We're known worldwide for our custom capabilities and have worked with many architects to build unique windows and doors. If your project involves historic renovation, Kolbe can replicate the most intricate detail. In fact, Kolbe has helped renovate many universities & educational institutions with specific historical requirements. Or perhaps it's a bold new concept, or one that demands sensitivity to the environment and green building practices – we can also help bring your most innovative ideas to life. We will work with you to ensure that your project fulfills your dream.

At Kolbe, we're committed to doing our utmost to assist you with every aspect of planning for your non-residential project. Perhaps you need help writing or reviewing specifications, need window drawings, or other details specific to your project. We have a LEED Green Associate on-staff and other technical specialists to assist you. Our vast network of distributors can help with many aspects of your project. Our website offers CAD drawings, 3D drawings, and CSI specifications, ensuring that the information you need is at your fingertips. We also offer AIA continuing education courses.

Please use the Technical links above right for details about using FSC-certified wood in your environmentally friendly projects, or other ways Kolbe windows and doors can contribute to sustainable green design building projects. If you do not find an answer to your question, please contact us, consult with your dealer, or contact your Kolbe regional


Kolbe Products for Replacement or Renovation Projects:

  • With simple installation, custom sizes and options, our products are perfect for any scale remodeling or renovation project
  • Custom options can meet aesthetic, accessible design, historic needs and more
  • Energy efficient products save money on heating & cooling costs; many meet tax credit requirements

Kolbe windows and doors are the perfect choice for virtually any type of renovation project, whether it involves homes or businesses. Whether you choose wood or vinyl replacement windows, glazing, grille and finish options are available to help replicate the original design.

Updating your project with new, energy efficient windows that have the convenience of tilt-in sash is easy with our Double Hung Replacement Sash Kits. There are no worries about tearing into walls or ruining speciality mouldings that add character and charm, because sash are made to fit into your exisiting window frames. It is available either all-wood or wood interior with aluminum clad exterior.

The Ultra pocket double hung is an all-in-one replacement window unit. This unique feature means that existing trim and framework do not have to be removed before installation, helping to eliminate excess work and potential damage. Not only is installation simplified, but by replacing your old windows with energy efficient ones, you will save on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. It has a wood interior and aluminum clad exterior.

Latitude Series replacement windows have either a 3-1/4" or 4-9/16" overall frame depth and no nailing fin, so they can be fit into existing openings with minimal disturbance. Plus, the profile is very similar to traditional wood windows, making them valuable for historic renovations where energy efficiency and low maintenance are a primary concern.

Kolbe's Old World Classic is a chain & pulley single, double or triple hung – the perfect wood window for any historic project with strict standards. Designed with the precise architectural details of windows from earlier times, along with the most innovative technology of our own era, the Old World Classic double hung window combines the best of two worlds

Kolbe Offers Energy Efficient Window & Door Glass Options:

  • Double pane insulating glass units with LoE² coating and argon gas are standard on most of our products, helping them to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines in most U.S. climate zones
  • ThermaPlus LoE glass option enhances the thermal performance of our windows, reducing energy costs
  • Even higher performing units with  triple pane glass  can help meet or exceed the insulating values required by ENERGY STAR's climate zones in the USA and Canada

Kolbe products are designed to meet or exceed today's stricter building codes and standards for energy efficiency, as well as the energy requirements for green building rating systems.

We use the latest innovations in LoE technologies in various combinations, so we are able to offer glass that is best suited to any climate. Most of our products are glazed as standard with double pane, insulating glass units with LoE coating(s), argon gas, and a Thermo-Edge stainless steel spacer bar system. These elements provide great thermal performance as well as excellent UV protection.  We also offer LoE glass coatings that help minimize solar heat gain in very warm climates. Many Kolbe products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines in the USA and Canada.

For even better energy performance, Kolbe now offers triple pane glass on several of its products. Take a close look at Heritage & Ultra Series Majesta Double Hungs, as well as Ultra Series Crank-Out Casements and Sterling Double Hungs. Windquest® Series Crank-Out Casement, and Radius & Geometric Windows are available with triple pane glass that achieves values of R-5. Look for more of our products to add this triple pane glass option in the near future.

Remember, for windows and doors to provide optimal energy efficiency, they must be flashed, caulked and sealed properly at the time of installation. All of our products are shipped with detailed installation instructions, which emphasize the importance of these final steps to the builder. Once properly installed, the energy efficient technology built into Kolbe products will further ensure your green design project provides all the benefits of a healthy and comfortable living or working environment.

Kolbe Offers Sustainable Design Options:

  • Products designed and built with performance and durability in mind
  • Including numerous venting windows can help reduce the energy required to heat and cool your project
  • Our products contain some recycled content
  • Energy efficient products save money on heating & cooling, helping businesses and homes control costs
  • Pine and other wood species available for our wood products are all renewable resources and sourced from managed forests

Kolbe products can contribute to sustainable design projects because of their durability and energy-efficient technology, as well as utilizing materials and finishes that address environmental concerns.  Our products are tested for air and water infiltration, as well as structural and impact performance - to ensure you will have a certified product to meet your building's design criteria.  We stand behind the durability and performance of all our products, which is evident by our extensive transferable warranties. [ Architects, technical information is available in our Architect Library. ]

Materials & Resources
The selection of materials is an important criteria for green building rating systems and Kolbe products can contribute in several ways:

  • Most of the components used in our productsare sourcedfrom within 500 miles of our factory 
  • Pine and other wood species available for our wood products are all renewable resources and sourced from managed forests 
  • Kolbe has achieved Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody certification, as have many of our distributors, and can provide FSC-certified wood for many window and door products

During the manufacturing process, we maximize how all lumber is utilized in our products. There is also some recycled content in our products:

  • Ultra Series extruded aluminum billet consists of 50-75% recycled material 
  • Roll-formed cladding used in our Classic Series products contains 65-70% recycled aluminum 
  • Standard glass used in our products contains 25-30% recycled content

Indoor Environmental Quality
Green building practices also address concerns about our environmental air quality and the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some ways in which Kolbe further demonstrates their commitment to manufacture their products in an environmentally conscientious manner: 

  • Kolbe uses a fully encapsulated process in which the VOCs are destroyed when applying our wood preservative and also our 70% PVDF fluoropolymer exterior finish 
  • We offer interior prefinishing with water-based, low-VOC stains and paints for our products, saving you the hassle of field-application, clean-up and disposal 
  • BetterVue® fiberglass screen mesh for all wood products has attained GREENGUARD® certification.

By choosing high-quality products that will last for decades, you have taken important steps toward reducing your carbon footprint.


The chronicle of Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork, is more than a business success story, it begins with the family. Brothers Herb and Ervin built the business with the strong work ethic and family values with which they grew up on their family's dairy farm. These humble beginnings, along with Herb and Ervin’s dedication to producing premium quality windows and doors, served as the foundation for what we now proudly call the Kolbe® brand.


Brothers Herb and Ervin Kolbe began working out of their mother's wash house, repairing window frames and building sash, on the family farm in central Wisconsin.


The Kolbe brothers purchased a 2,100 square foot building and relocated to Wausau, WI. They also hired their first employee, brother Walter. By 1955, another 1,500 square feet were added to the shop and warehouse.


Additions were made to the Wausau facility to accommodate expansion into the prehung door market. A cabinet shop was acquired, which brought several talented craftspeople onboard.


Kolbe's manufacturing facility in Wausau grew significantly as product lines expanded and sales broadened from the Midwest to nationwide.



The main Kolbe manufacturing plant had grown to over 1 million square feet by 2003, and covered over 27 acres. By 2008, more than 1600 employees worked at our multiple manufacturing locations.


Kolbe acquires Point Five® windows and doors in Fort Collins, Colorado, which has been in business since 1981.


Today – over 65 years after the Kolbe brothers began their venture – premium quality window and door products bearing their family name are distributed across the country as well as internationally.

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