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Unique Products for the Home Owner, Contractor, Builder, and Architect631-465-9960


Weather Shield has been committed to making windows and doors the best way we know how-- by putting the wants of our customers first. Today, this philosophy remains the heart and soul of everything we do.

Our focus on innovative and flexible solutions clearly distinguishes Weather Shield from other window and door companies. It's the reason we offer more styles, shapes, sizes and options in more product lines than anyone else in the industry. It's what drives us to design, engineer and manufacture the highest quality, most energy efficient products possible.

Back in 1955, Edward "Lee" Schield began with a vision and used his own personal savings to purchase aluminum extrusion parts.  He assembled them, by hand, into storm doors and sold his products to homeowners in the Central Wisconsin area.  Schield soon expanded his business by calling on contractors and while the number of orders continued to increase, the foundation of becoming a leading manufacturer of windows and doors was underway.

Today, Weather Shield remains family-owned, with three generations actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.  Weather Shield continues to grow and thrive by striving to offer only the highest quality products.  Over the years, dedication to innovation has grown the company into one of the nation's leading window and door manufacturers.

Based in Medford, Wisconsin, Weather Shield proudly offers its comprehensive products and services nationwide.  With more than 1,900 employees dedicated to provide everything homeowners want in windows and doors, we invite you to discover everything Weather Shield has to offer.


With hundreds of window and door manufacturers to choose from, it can be difficult to distinguish one company from another. We thought it might be helpful to share a few of the things that set Weather Shield apart from the rest.

Continuous Innovation At Weather Shield, we never stop searching for ways to improve both our products and our processes. The goal of discovering new and innovative solutions has always been part of our DNA. That’s why we have our own dedicated Research and Development Center and the largest onsite test lab in the industry. Not a day goes by when we aren’t working on building a better product.

Best-In-Class Warranty At Weather Shield, we do more than talk about our dedication to craftsmanship and quality materials. We back our products with a warranty against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 20 years, and against wood rot on all clad products for 30 years*. So you can be confident you’re getting an outstanding product from a trustworthy company.

Design Flexibility When you design with Weather Shield, you have options. Our casements alone allow you to create more than 6,000,000 different configurations.

Choose from an impressive array of wood interiors and finishes, along with a myriad of exterior colors. We also offer some of the industry’s largest expanses
of glass for framing spectacular views. Whatever the style, whatever the size, nobody gives you more choices than Weather Shield.

Energy Efficiency Without Sacrifice Through our innovative use of materials and design, we’re able to offer industrial strength efficiency with refined appearance. We’re very deliberate in our use of energy efficient materials to drive performance where it matters most. We’re proud to offer an extensive number of beautifully designed ENERGY STAR® rated products.

Family Owned and Operated For more than 60 years, Weather Shield has remained a family-owned and operated company. That allows us the freedom to take a long-term perspective
and keep our focus on serving customer needs rather than a singular focus of achieving quarterly financial targets.

As we’ve grown to become a respected national brand, we’ve seen technology and materials evolve. But our core values have never changed. Today, we remain dedicated to building long-term relationships and crafting innovative products that meet the needs of our customers


Energy conservation is not only a financial obligation, it's a moral one. Weather Shield takes its role as a good steward of both energy and environmental conservation seriously-- for the benefit of our customers and our global neighbors. This section outlines our energy saving initiatives and financial incentives, as well as our commitment to the environment as a whole.
Earth friendly, budget friendly.
From glazing options that maximize energy efficiency and personal comfort, to reducing natural resource consumption through the availability of FSC® certified woods*, we're working hard to ease our burden on the environment. Our product evolutions include recyclable materials like glass, vinyl and wood, plus utilization of low Volatile Organic Compound paints and sealants. Building green with Weather Shield saves money too.
*FSC® FSC-C095408
Weather Shield Environmental Stewardship
Weather Shield not only encourages environmental stewardship among the building and design community, but it also demonstrates its environmental commitment through company-wide manufacturing practices, such as:
  • Recycling of paper, wood, glass, vinyl, chemicals, aluminum and other metals-- between 500-600 tons each year. Minimizing solid and hazardous waste.
  • Incorporating renewable resource utilization practices (raw materials reuse and fuel programs) throughout the manufacturing and logistics processes.
  • Training employees in environmental awareness.
  • Using low-emitting Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) coatings.
  • Meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental standards and regulations.
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships and communications with federal, state and local governmental agencies

Weather Shield was recognized by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce with a "Business Friend of the Environment Award" for the company's innovative pollution prevention and greenhouse gas emission reduction efforts.

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As a manufacturer of wood windows and doors, Weather Shield believes there is a crucial need to educate our distribution partners and the final customer with regard naturally occurring wood characteristics.
Part of the inherent beauty of wood is the natural variations that occur being that it is an organic material.  Grain, pinholes, and knots are all characteristics that tell the story of the tree that becomes your window or door.  These characteristics are apparent and should not to be misinterpreted as defects.



An energy efficient glass system that saves more than just energy.

Save money on your heating and cooling bills.

  • Multiple Low E coatings and inert gas-filled airspace** provide ultimate energy efficiency.
  • Real Warm Edge ® spacer made of low-conductive materials to insulate against cold air flow and condensation.


Energy savings with year-round comfort.

  • Keeps homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • System produces lowest U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient


Save your home furnishings.

  • Blocks 95%-99.9% of the sun's harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation.
  • Helps reduce the fading of interior furnishings and flooring.


Save time with easier cleaning.

  • EasyCare ® coating sheets water off the glass taking dirt and grime with it keeping windows cleaner, longer.

One glass system. FIVE performance options.

The Zo-e-shield energy glass system employs state-of-the-art glass technology with efficiency engineered in each of our window and patio door glass options. Designed to improve your home's energy efficiency and save you money, our glass works to protect your home and enhance your lifestyle and comfort. Available in three different variations, each has specific attributes that will help you achieve the efficiency you want and the comfort you need.

Better System.

Zo-e-shield was designed for comfort and engineered for efficiency. The spacers and the glass are only part of the Zo-e-shield glass system. As a whole, it is unlike any glass system in the world. Wherever you live or whatever your efficiency needs, Zo-e-shield delivers the most energy efficient result you can achieve. That means saving more on energy use, energy bills, the environment, and your home’s interior from sun damage. A good energy glass system saves money, a great energy glass system creates a comfortable room, no matter what the weather is outside.



Zo-e-shield 5 Zo-e-shield 6 Zo-e-shield 5 Extreme
  • 2 panes of glass
  • 1 EasyCare surface coating**
  • Multiple layers of Low E coating
  • Inert gas-filled insulating airspace*
  • 1 Real Warm Edge® spacer
  • 1 pane of glass and 1 laminated pane
  • 1 EasyCare surface coating**
  • Multiple layers of Low E coating
  • Inert gas-filled insulating airspace*
  • 1 Real Warm Edge® spacer
  • 2 panes of glass
  • 1 EasyCare surface coating**
  • Multiple layers of Low E coating
  • Inert gas-filled insulating airspace*
  • 1 Real Warm Edge® spacer
  • Extreme Low E coating
Zo-e-shield 5 Zo-e-shield 6
  • 3 panes of glass
  • 1 EasyCare surface coating**
  • Multiple layers of Low E coating
  • Inert gas-filled insulating airspace*
  • 2 Real Warm Edge® spacer
  • 3 panes of glass
  • 1 EasyCare surface coating**
  • Multiple layers of Low E coating
  • Inert gas-filled insulating airspace*
  • 2 Real Warm Edge® spacers
  • Optimized airspace

* Inert airspace gases not available in all states. Check with your dealer for availability.
** EasyCare surface coating is an optional upgrade.

TriCore™ Frame Technology
To improve thermal performance and weather resistance on casements, awnings and select picture windows, Weather Shield will use its new TriCore frame technology, a fusion-welded sub frame that enables the combination of multiple materials into a single window frame. TriCore frame technology creates a thermal barrier preventing the transfer of heat or cold to the inside of a building. Highly moisture-resistant materials, the fusion-welded sub frame, and the thick, multi-chamber sub frame components all work together to reduce weathering, virtually eliminate water infiltration and improve structural performance.

Symmetry Balance System™
Double hung windows on Weather Shield’s new and existing product lines will deliver higher performance ratings than its current units, while delivering the superior aesthetics. The new double hungs will be among the only units in the industry to achieve a Class 3 AAMA rating, largely due to the new Symmetry Balance System, a combination of coil balance technology and an all-new jambliner. Together, they deliver outstanding operational performance and superior resistance to air and water infiltration. The Symmetry Balance System allows units to operate smoothly and with little effort, even in units with triple pane glass. Weather Shield is the only wood window manufacturer currently offering this technology.

The new double hungs stand out aesthetically as well. With either the standard vinyl jambliner or an all-new wood jambliner, the units feature superb architectural details and clean sightlines, whether admiring the window or the view through the window.

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